Top Five Suede Footwear Styles

There is no type of shoe that needs more attention than those of the suede variety. Suede can seem to be a bit more work to maintain. If they get wet, they are ruin. If they get Stained, ruin! If they get scuffed, you need special brushes to fix it.

It can feel like you need to get a weather forecast and hazard breakdown before you put on those suede shoes. With all this work in maintaining suede why do we wear them at all.

Things are Much Better Now.

In the past suede was simply just to delicate, but it looks like bootmakers have cracked the code to its design. For the past two decades designers have manufacturers new ways to treat suede so that its more like regular leather. This means that its more resilient to water, stains and scuffing.

Suede has gotten an upgrade it no longer merits its reputation for being the most delicate of leather goods.

This is great because suede is awesome, here’s why.

So Why Should We Wear Suede?

We all enjoy an outfit that’s simple to put together but has that pow when you see it. And suede is the best complement to almost any outfit. Adding an interesting touch like suede to the mix can be the just the thing that takes a look from plain to superb, without adding flashy colors or complicated patterns.

Here are five suede brands that will upgrade your shoe game!

1. Your Classic Chukkas

You can’t say suede boots without mentioning the chukka. This brand has stood the test of time. With its origin from WW1 it has found its way to the closet of anyone with any serious sense of style. And if you don’t have a pair, get one you won’t be disappointed.

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Although chukka boots are inherently casual, they can also be worn as dress shoes and suit both smart casual and business casual outfits.


Rocking your chukkas for a casual look is easy. These cool boots are great shoes to wear with jeans and can match a range of tops and jackets. For an impressive ensemble, try pairing your boots with blue jeans, a white button-down and a denim jacket. Just remember to select a relaxed style of chukka boots, such as a suede design in a brown hue, for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Heavy-duty

This style comes in handy when you want to ruff it up a bit. A great addition for any person wanting to take their style off-road. These are an interesting take on a military boot that almost leans into combat boot without misplacing a sense of refinement.


With the suede and an outsole that’s not quite bulky enough to be military grade, they stay this side of sociable.

You might be thinking, “Why would I ever wear suede boots for any kind of adventure?” But remember, these are weather-ready for impromptu antics right out of the box, so strap on your cramp-on.

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3. The Casual Fit

A great boot with a long history of style is no other than the Cavalier Chelsea. the history of the Chelsea boot stretches back further in time to when people used horses to pick up their dates. Their creation is credited to Queen Victoria's shoemaker, and were originally coined the “J. Sparkes-Hall's Patent Elastic Ankle Boots.”

Some noticeable characteristics of the Chelsea is its dark style. Perfect for transitioning from a day at the office to hitting up the bar for evening drinks.


4. The Executive Brand

This take on the derby shoe. These shoes are called the Statesman for a reason: they project significance with a dash of roguery.


Like chukkas, these can easily be outfitted for meetings with investors or dressed down for meetings with your one employee. Either way, they communicate intentionality.

5. Suede Monk Strap

This style of shoe is literally medieval with its straps it conveys tradition. But don’t confuse that with outdated, the monk strap mixes traditional with hints of modern. Monk straps as dress shoes were prevalent in the early 20th century and have become mainstream again among well-dress gentleman in the last twenty years.

The double monk strap style is at home with a suit but work equally well at a concert or bar with dark tapered jeans. For more information on the Monk Strap click here


No Need to Frit When it Rains

Waterproofing technology has matured in the last twenty years, but until recently it’s largely been something that you do at home with a spray can. Now if you are interested in waterproofing yourself, I would recommend Bearpaw Suede Protector™ or Kiwi™


Let’s face it suede can be high maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task to keep your suede boots lasting well into the years to come. Here is a video on the ultimate guide to cleaning suede.

The first thing that should be understood is that the best ways to keep suede looking good is to clean it. I recommend brushing it after heavy use. Effectively there are three tools that any suede owner needs to have:

These tools are a suede wired brush, a crepe brush, and finally the suede eraser.

When cleaning the suede its okay to go back and forth; however, when you are putting the finishing touches its important to only go one direction.

When treating the suede, if you spill water on it use cloth to dab it and pull the water off. Then simply just let it dry. Another technic is to apply a very thin layer of water to the boot to the entire boot next put cedar shoe trees in the boot to absorb the water. Let this sit till it dries. Then a quick bruising

NEVER PUT NEXT TO HEAT… okay sorry for yelling, but seriously NEVER.

What Should You Look for In Quality Suede?

This is an oversimplification, but there are two big factors in the quality of suede: the type of animal hide, and the age of the animal.

The softest (and most delicate) comes from young sheepskin, while the toughest (and roughest) comes from an elder pigskin. Most suede shoes, however, are made from cowhide because it strikes a pleasing balance between toughness and softness.

The highest quality cowhides come from Tier 1 USA cattle, which generally come from cattle that are under 2 years old. opt for Tier 1 USA leather and you’re guaranteed a quality boot.