Monk Strap Shoes, A Great Versatile Shoe

I am a big fan of Monk Strap shoes, a question that I often get from guys that are on the fence on weither to wear them or not is "what outfit is best to wear with the Monk Strap? So I thought it would be best to write a piece on the best outfits that go with this type of shoe.

Here is what to expect, I will give you a look of four different outfits to give you a look at how versatile, sexy and smooth the Monk Strap is, and why it should be in any man's rapitori. We will see some casual stuff, some dressy and a little in between.

The Monk Strap shoe is what you would call a casual-dressy or a dressy-casual shoe. As you can see from this look here. The monk strap exemplifies the white trousers and the turtle-neck is a good touch . The great thing that I love about the Monk Strap Shoe is the detailing of the buckle just gives it a little more of a step up from a regular shoe. This will definitely catch the eye.

Because the Monk Strap is so eye-catching the rest of the outfit can be really simple and put together.

Now for our next look I'm going to show you that the monk strap can give you that little swag to even a pair of jeans, as we go a little bit more casual and show off the monk strap with some dark denim.

Now there is no better pair of pants that strike the line between casual and dressy better than denim. And once again as you can see from the picture the outfit was kept simple and let the shoes really do the talking. Yes a pair of Monk Straps will give that pizazz to even a simple pair of dark denim.

Next up we are going all the way to the other side of the spectrum and look at the dressy side of the monk straps, to show you that yes you can wear the monk strap shoes with a suit.

What I really like about this look is that the monk strap lets you dress down the suit but still have you looking professional, smooth and elegant. What you see here is a nice yet simple winter suit and match it with a pair of monk strap shoes.

Finally last but not least for our fourth look we can see that it is absolutely possible to style the monk strap shoes with chinos. This just goes to show that these versatile shoes can really go with any type of pants.

And these chinos look just as fresh with the monk strap shoes. Keep in mind the simple style with tan chinos with a simple gray crew-neck sweater. I can't stress to you enough how the detailing and the fine varnishing on these monk strap shoes is enough of an eye-catching detail that allows you to keep the outfit minimal, simple and elegant.

Ok so there you have, my take on the different outfits that you can wear with the Monk Strap Shoe. I absolutely recommend this shoe for anyone that wants to keep it fresh. Get your pair here.

Single Monk Strap VS Double Monk Strap Shoes

Okay so some of you may be convinced that you want to get yourself a pair of Monk Strap Shoes but may not be sure if you should go with the double strap, which is more fashionable and newer; or the more classic single strap.

Well, the single strap is considered to be the more casual shoe. Keep in mind that the strap is bigger in the single monk so it is easy to stop. In some of the shoes the strap is functional; the modern ones you will notice that the strap is more for a show,

So the single monk strap is more casual but is still a more classical shoe. I like the single strap, as long as the buckle is not too big. This style is for the person that is not afraid to be a little bit bold.

Now if your goal is to attend a casual outing but still want to make a statement the double strap is the choice to make. I just find this style to be more elegant. Sleeker and dressier simply because of the large vamp across the top. In my opinion, the two smaller buckles don't grab as much attention.

Regarding comfort, some argue that the double monk seems to be more comfortable over the single. I have not seen that to be the case. They both fit pretty much the same. When it comes to color, I find that you really can go wrong with a black or a polished brown.