How to Buy Vegan Shoes

As the weather begins to change you may have thought to buy warmer shoes. I know because I have, so while I was strolling through my local shoe shop. Also, being a Vegan I thought are there options when it comes to buying shoes are there vegan shoes.

Well guess what? There are tons of options for vegans when it comes to footwear. I must admit at first I did feel like there weren't much of a selection. As I was in my local shoe shop I felt absolutely lost, so I asked an employee for help.

The information that this awesome employee gave me was priceless. Today I want to share this information with you, because it will save you time.

While this shoe may look like leather it is actually vegan. Some may wonder how you can tell with all these alternatives out is it even possible to tell the difference. Well there is a way and you may be surprised at how you can tell.

What to Look For When Buying Vegan Shoes?

Inside every shoe you will find six symbols, some manufacturers put them on the tongue or inside on the sole. These symbols will tell you if your shoes are vegan. Behind every symbol there is a meaning first let me explain the three shoe symbols first. The symbol on the upper left that looks like a shoe represents the top part of your shoe, the middle image represents the fitting. The one on the far right shoes the material used for the bottom of the shoe.

The symbols that are next to the shoe show what are the materials that were used to make that part of the shoe. The image that looks like a Sims logo means material that is man-made like rubber. This of course is considered vegan. The other image that looks like textile represents exactly that. This means that a fabric has been used.

Be cautious when you see this because some fabrics can come from animals like wool. However, I have found that due to manufacturing cost this material tends to be cotton, which of course is vegan. When you look at the final symbol and if you see that the image logos like the sim symbol this means its man-made so that means it's vegan.

The symbols that you should really look out for are these:

They basically look like animal skin rugs, and that's what they are animal skin. So it's important when shopping for a vegan shoe, you should focus on textiles and other materials which are represented by the Sim logo.

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How Do Care for Vegan Shoes?

Now that we know how to identify if a shoe is Vegan, how do we take care of them? I truly would recommend getting a couple and alternating between them. One suggestion is to wear one pair at the beginning of the week and get another pair for the other half.

Vegan shoes don't really differ from regular shoes in most cases when cleaning. Vegan leather can be cleaned with water based solutions and wiping down after cleaning. So in general if you split the use you are already getting 50% more life out of your pair.

Best Vegan Boots The Dr. Martens Ultimate Guide

When reviewing multiple brands I would say that I was the most impressed with the Dr. Martens Vegan 1460. There are a couple of ways to tell the vegan boots apart from the non-vegan boots.

Firstly the tab at the heel is a light yellow, whereas in the standard boots its black with yellow writing, also the eyelets are gold in the vegan version. I actually think that these two components combine with the bright yellow stitching at the bottom complement each other. It really makes them pop, giving your footwear the attention they so crave.

You will also notice that the laces on the vegan edition are a little bit thinner then the default style. When you buy these boots you should know that they only come with a heel insert in the sole; the actual sole only goes half way. When I first noticed this I thought it was a possible defect.

However, after contacting the manufacturer it was explained that this is design on purpose. They stated that it was designed after the original brand from the 60’s.

You will also notice that the vegan brands are a bit softer and so are easier to break-in. I actually read some reviews where customers stated that they didn't even need to be broken into.

If there is one thing that Dr Martens are known for are durability. I have had my pair for over 7 months and they still look as new. I was very impressed with the sole and stitching. Honestly this thing is a dream.

With respect to price they are typically the same price as the non-vegan, this shows that you are getting the same quality as the regular pair.

I really enjoyed this style and color because they are very versatile. You can wear your Dr Martens with jeans or some nice black slacks. Overall they are a great pair and animal friendly.

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