Why should you

Given that they have a much more relaxed look and feel, chukka boots are great for daily casual or work wear. If you work in an office setting with a casual dress code, a pair of chukkas worn with dark denim and a button-down make for a great and balanced combination

Why Should You Own a Pair?

The Chukka repersents the most simplest styles of men’s footwear, and have been a sartorial staple for decades. as early as the turn of the 20th century Men have been wearing Chukka boots, its Versatility really makes it a must have. 

While all types chukkas reside more on the casual end of the footwear spectrum, these versatile boots can readily be dressed both up and down.

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Chukka Boots are perfect for any woredrobe

Due to the classic and timeless nature of chukka boots, you can easily wear them with a variety of outfits without ever feeling self-conscious.

Easily able to go either super casual to semi-formal, once you have a pair of chukkas, you are going to want to wear them with everything.

To help you see how you can wear them daily, here are a few sample scenarios where chukkas can be worn effortlessly:

Since the Chukka Boot has become such a popular boot it has become available in a wide variety of colors and material. However, if you asked me, nothing beats the oakwood suede. You will find that this variety to be the most popular out of all the brands. 


Most chukka boots are very low possibly about 10 ½ cm tall, pretty much as low as you can get and still get away with calling it a boot. Traditionally it has two sets of eyelets but some do come with three, any more and you really can’t call it a chukka boot anymore. When you wear this boot instantly you will begin to notice that it is very light-weight. It is a very informal boot

Nearly everything in your closet. While all types of chukkas reside more on the casual end of the footwear spectrum, these versatile boots can readily be dressed both up and down. Chukkas are most at home at the next notch up smart casual. They pair great with dark denim/chinos + a button-down, polo, or sweater.

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What color Chukka Boots should you buy?

Chukka boots come in just about every color you can think of, but choose wisely. Dark brown or mid-brown boots provide more versatility wardrobe-wise and are a good choice if you're buying your first pair of Chukkas. Lighter colors help demonstrate the casual character of Chukka boots and provide added versatility.

Are Chukkas comfortable?

A big part of that popularity is the chukka's flexibility, both literal and figurative. Because they're lighter and lower than most boots, with a soft, bendy sole material, walking in chukkas is closer to walking in sneakers than it is to walking in Western boots or heavy hiking/expedition boots. So yes they are very comfortable!

A big part of that popularity is the chukka's flexibility, both literal and figurative.

Because they're lighter and lower than most boots, with a soft, bendy sole material, walking in chukkas is closer to walking in sneakers than it is to walking in Western boots or heavy hiking/expedition boots. A stroll in a good pair of chukkas feels about like it would in Converse All-Stars or something similar, with a little more protection for the feet and ankles from the leather uppers.

The leather material also makes the shoe dressier than a sneaker, but the rubber sole (traditionally in a contrasting color) keeps it informal. The result is a shoe that dresses up casual clothes, and dresses down formal ones.